Audrey's Writing

How Dogs came to Be
--- 1/22/2009
    Back in the days when there were many different gods, there were twelve great Greek gods, the Olympians. But there were also hundreds of other, less important gods and goddesses, such as Luneria.
    Luneria had the ability to move anything by looking at it, and she could burst anything into flames with her eyes. She was considered very strong, but was not very well known, because she liked to keep to herself. Little did she know, that was all about to change.
    One day, deep down in the gloomy pits of the Underworld, the fierce, three-headed dog-demon Cerberus gave birth to a puppy. The puppy was like a mini replica of his father, but there was one major difference. The puppy had chocolate brown eyes that shone with joy all the time. When you looked at the adorable face, you felt like you would do anything to protect it. Hades claimed him at once, saying that the creature belonged in the Underworld. However, the second Luneria saw Cerberus Junior, she knew there was nothing else that she wanted more. So, she went to Zeus, the ruler of all gods, and told him how unfair it was to let Hades keep both animals. Zeus seemed to agree, and the gods had a bitter argument, deciding who shall keep the puppy. They quarreled, and quarreled, until Zeus slammed down his mighty fist, and declared,” There shall be a battle between Hades and Luneria! Whoever turns out triumphant will collect Cerberus’ son as their prize!” Hades smiled, thinking that this would be a breeze. He wanted it to be held in the Underworld, and Zeus agreed. So, Luneria made her way down to where the fight was going to take place. Once everyone was set, Zeus bellowed,” Let the match begin!”
    It was an intense battle. Hades summoned evil spirits to attack Luneria. But she stopped then by making the ground in front of them catch on fire. Then, Hades made a huge crack in the ground, so Luneria would fall through, but she used her powers to move a stone pillar between the cracks, so she could stand on it. They kept going back and forth at each other, until Hades misplaced a step, and stumbled. Then, Luneria had Hades trapped between two pillars, and there was a winner.
    Luneria was declared the winner, and the puppy leaped into her arms, and playfully licked her face. She beamed at the cute canine, while Hades hid in a dark corner scowling. Then, she left, skipping merrily, leaving a gloomy Hades behind.
    They became the best of friends, and they were never seen without the other. Everything seemed perfect, but deep inside of Luneria, there was a stirring, because Luneria had a taste of pride, and now she wanted more.
    So, Luneria and her companion the puppy went around declaring herself the strongest goddess ever, even stronger than Zeus. Of course, Zeus eventually heard about this, and he was not pleased. He left the skies, where he lived, and stormed over to where Luneria was. He looked frightening with his handful of thunderbolts and flashing eyes, but Luneria just glared at him, and said,” I don’t care what you do. I’m stronger than you.” That’s when Zeus got really mad. “You worthless, good-for-nothing lesser goddess! I shall take away your powers, and then we’ll see how strong you are,” he roared. Then, he shot a blinding streak of light at Luneria. Suddenly the puppy threw itself in front of his master to save her.
    The poor puppy was caught in a brilliant orb of light, and changes were gradually taking place. His three heads slowly formed into one, and his platinum, spiky collar transformed into a soft, red, and leather collar. Then his vicious serpent tail changed into a soft, cream-colored tail that wagged playfully. His sharp claws shrank, until they were gone, leaving four gentle paws behind. All his super strength and speed disappeared, so now the puppy was scared and defenseless. Luneria stared in horror at what she had caused, but smiled when she her puppy rolling around and panting. She had created a new creature, which she called “dog”.
    From then on, the dog always stayed by Luneria’s side. So, she called him Buddy. That’s why it’s such a popular name for dogs these days. Buddy also depended on Luneria for survival, therefore becoming domesticated. Even to this day, Buddy’s great-great-great (and so on) grandsons and granddaughters live with people, being their loyal friend. In return we provide then food, shelter, and love.

--- 12/15/2007
It's that time of year,
When snowfall isn't near,
The sun starts shinning,
And the children stop whinning.
They know it is time,
When it has crossed the line,
From winter to spring to summer to fall,
When the trees start growing, and grow very tall,
It is that time of year,
When hail isn't here,
Can you guess, it's a stumper,
You got it! It's summer.

Fairytale Garden
--- 3/25/2007
A dainly fairy sat on a tree,
She looked around, then she saw me.
She gathered her friends who lived in mushrooms,
They all had transparent wings and a broom.
"Hey", she said, "meet my friend Warden."
"Hey", she said, "welcome to the fairy garden."

Blue Skies
--- 3/25/2007
As I lay on my back,
I glance up at the sky.
I see white fluffy clouds,
Slowly drifting by.

My, how the sunshines,
My, this day is so fine;
But do you know why?
Because of the blue skies.

--- 2/24/2007
新年就要到了, 上个星期六, 我们剑桥中文学校的老师和同学们在Bentley 大学举行了一场春节联欢会. 有很多精彩的节目, 像优美的舞蹈“喜唰唰”和热闹的鼓乐. 但是我最喜欢的节目是我亲自表演的木偶剧-“埋在地里的金子”.

这个木偶剧是我们中文汤老师把我们学过的一篇课文改编的. 它讲的是一 个老农民用在地里挖金子的办法教育他的三个儿子明白只有勤劳才能富起来. 很 多同学都争着想表演,我很幸运地成为剧里的解说.

我的台词最多, 为了演好这个解说, 我每天在家里认认真真地练习, 尽量 做到不快不慢, 声音清楚. 不但在家里练习台词, 在中文学校里我和同学们也练 习了很多遍. 主要是练习如何配合. 因为我的台词要和表演木偶的同学的动作 必须配合起来.

表演的那天终于来到了. 刚开始我还有些紧张, 但是我也很激动. 因为我 们就要把我们刻苦努力的结果展示给爸爸, 妈妈, 老师和同学们了! 我刚到台上 的时候,看到台下那么多人望着我们,就更加紧张了. 只觉得我的心蹦蹦地跳, 手 心里也开始冒汗. 不过当我一开始说我的台词的时候,就一下子放松了.为了配合 同学们的表演, 我说的台词有时快,有时慢, 有时还要停一下来等同学作完一个动作. 我们几个同学的木偶表演和台词配合得就像是一个人一样. 当我们表演结束的时候, 台下的鼓掌声使我觉得我们的努力没有白费.

联欢会结束了, 我也学到了很多东西. “只有勤劳才能富起来”, “大家 一起努力,才会成功”.

The Sun Alien
--- 12/11/2005
Vivi Telly is the slime-colored alien I created. Vivi has green smooth dark shiny skin, fuzzy, black, short antennae. Vivi is a weird alien. Her peculiar home is the very hot and bright sun. Vivi wears a small, white and six sleeved heatproof suit to protect her from the boiling heat from the sun. People always state never look straight at the blazing sun or else it will blind you, even with sun glasses. But not with Vivi! Vivi owns special sun proof sun glasses, and the glasses are in a very weird shape. The sun is created of unbreathable gas, so Vivi weras a special mask that contains a silver mouth piece and a long, black, skinny tube. Ms. Telly possesses an octopus-like bottom, except that it's red and the suction cups stick only to gas. Also she only slides around with four tentacles. Boom! Glup! Glup! A sun explosion just occurred on the sun. Vivi holds a heat resistant silver ice shield to protect her. Also she exclaims that she thinks it's fine on the boiling sun! It's probably because she's used to it, but I know I like Earth the best!

San Diego Trip
--- 3/21/2005
I went to San Diego last Saturday. It was because my parents had to have a conference. I went to a lot of places. I first went to the zoo. The San Diego zoo is famous for the pandas. We took a tour bus around. After we got off I went to see the pandas. On the way I saw some koalas. They were the cutest things I ever saw! One was sleeping; the other one was staring at me. I took a few pictures with them. When we finally found the pandas my mom tried to take the best ictures with her camera. I also went to a Children抯 zoo. I got to pet a few goats. The zoo was very fun. But it was nothing compared to the rides I rode in Lego land and Sea World! The rides in there were so fun! My favorites were the journey to Atlantis, that ride was in Sea World. It was so fun I rode it eight times! In Lego land I went on a roller coaster called Technical Test Drive. It was wicked fun!! My vacation was great!!

Visit MIT Museum
--- 2/28/2005
On vacation it was very boring, except for on Thursday. I had a play date Francesco on Thursday. We went to the MIT museum. It was very fun in there. I got dropped off at Francesco抯 house. We stayed there and played for a while. At the muse4um my favorite part was the dark room. In the dark room there were laser pictures. They all looked 3D. I also liked the place where there was a ball game. There was a maze mat. There was no way out. There was a ball and some dark holes. We tried to move the ball around the maze without it falling into the dark holes. It was really hard. We never ever made it, and we never ever will. There were lots more stuff, but those were my favorites. We had a great time!

Snow Fun
--- 1/31/2005
Yesterday my dad took me sledding on my snow tube. My sister and mommy came along. Our snow tube was for two people. I got dressed warmly and I went outside. We went to a park where there were two huge slides. But we did not go on the slides. We went on the hill. I would call it a snow mountain. It was very hard to go up. We went to a bumpy place. The first time we got down I hit the fence. But I didn抰 get hurt. But I still did not like banging against the fence. So the next time we stopped before we hit the fence. After we tried a few more times we went to get my sister Daphne and my mommy. They went on a lower place, because they were scared. Then after I played for a long time I was thirsty. So my daddy just took us home. On the car I drank some water. My dad said to leave some for him. I wanted to drink all of it, but I saved some anyway.

The First Snow Day
---by Audrey Li (11/12/2004)
Wow! It was snowing! We were so excited! Ms. Wintner even said that maybe we might even go outside! And we all cheered. It felt great! The first snow day. Mommy's guess was right, it snowed. When I was in line with a few other children, the worst thing that could ever happen happened. Mr. Carme announced that the snow was too big, and we could not go out! All our cheers turned into moans, it was so disappointing. Just about when we were going to have the best time of our life, we could not go. Is that not disappointing? But Ms. Wintner saved the day! She said that we could go out for at least five minutes! We were happy but we did not cheer, because five minutes is pretty short. But it was enough to have enough fun for me. After lunch we went outside. It was an amazing sight. Snowflakes danced in the sky, clear whiteness all over the place. It was a beautiful sight. We tried catching snowflakes on our tongues. And I even saw a snowflake that looked so big that I could see it's design! It was on Ms. Wintner's mitten. Five minutes past(passed) fast, and before you know it. . . Time to go in! We all lined up, I took one last look at that amazing sight, then we went into the cozy, warm school.

---by Audrey Li (11/7/2004)
Little creatures that fly in the sky,
Oh, how gracefully do they fly.
They glide in the sky with their wings spread out,
They land so gracefully you want to shout,
I love you birds, how you land and fly.
I wish that I had a bird that's mine.

Autumn Fun
---by Audrey Li (11/6/2004)
When Autumn comes,
The leaves change color.
When they fall,
They fly and flutter.
And when they fall to the ground,
That's where they will be,
Until they get found by little children,
That come out to play.
They play until the end of the day.
When they come out,
You will hear them shout,
Let's rake the leaves,
And begin the fun.
They raked and raked,
And they raked up a bunch,
Then they jumped in,
What a crunch.
They will play until the day's done,
But they will come back,
Because the fun has just begun.

Audrey's first poem on Sept. 13, 2003

Books I want to read,
books I have read,
they don't stay inside the books,
they stay inside my head.

Audrey's first riddle on July 04, 2003

A circle with a string and flies in the air;
when you let go, it is not even there.